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Melting Pot Africa is a leading pan-African information and content-creation company in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide up-to-date information on happenings in Africa for our esteemed readers.

Our content is published via our website, www.meltingpot.africa, our YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Podcasts, Webinars, etc., and through partnerships with traditional media outlets in Africa.

Our readers see us as a one-stop-shop for helpful, up-to-date, and sound information on finance, investment, travel, lifestyle, fashion, startup, entrepreneurship, technology, business, etc across the continent of Africa.

Melting Pot Africa

Melting Pot's Content Offering

Business News – We monitor and report hot business news and stats from Africa. Our team of business and financial experts dissect the news and create sound editorials that are helpful for our readers.


Markets – With more African countries diversifying their investment portfolios, our market analysts keep their eyes glued to all financial markets in Africa, monitoring their highs and lows and analyzing millions of data to help our readers make sound investment decisions in the African continent.


Technology – Our technology content offering provides deep insights into technological developments in Africa. From Software to Hardware, we provide editorials on the pace of technological advancements in Africa and highlight new technological initiatives and inventions coming from the continent. 


Startups – At Melting Pot Africa, we give up-to-date information on startup companies and their founders in Africa. We equip startup founders with adequate information on creating market-fit products, raising funding, and running profitable companies.


Travel – The African travel and tourism market is estimated to be 169 billion USD. With this comes tremendous opportunities for new players to come into the market and for existing players to create innovative products. Our Travel content offering covers everything from the African travel market to technology and innovation within the niche.


Fashion – The African fashion industry is projected to grow by 15.15% to US$7.73bn in 2022. Our fashion content offering dives into the entire African fashion industry, limitations, opportunities, and the latest news.


Social Media – You can connect with us via our social media handle. Follow Melting Pot Africa on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


MeltingPot.Africa is owned by TSH Holdings, Lagos, Nigeria, and was founded in 2022 by Adeola Adegoke & Omotayo Olayinka. For all inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

About Adeola Adegoke

Adeola Adegoke is a Co-Founder and CEO at Melting Pot Africa. Adeola is passionate about news, events, and everything in Africa. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics, a master’s Degree in financial mathematics, a second master’s degree in statistics, and a Ph.D. in statistics.

About Omotayo Afolabi Olayinka

Omotayo Afolabi Olayinka is a Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer at Melting Pot Africa. Omotayo is passionate about developing functioning products and helping people find whatever they want quickly. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a diploma in business and management. You will find him playing chess or vacationing whenever he is not optimizing websites for SERPs.

About Temiloluwa Abiola

Meet Temiloluwa Abiola – a passionate Afrocentric explorer, writer, and curious researcher. She is enthusiastic about learning and writing everything Africa-related. Temiloluwa is always looking for new stories and insights about startups, banking & finance, technology, health, travel destinations, and more in Africa. From researching the latest news and business reviews to exploring entertainment trends and tech reviews, she brings Africa to the world through her write-ups.